Optimism in the Media
The thing about a positive mindset is that it catches on. We’re proud to share how our research on optimism is spreading across Texas and beyond.
Save More Money for Your Next Vacation with This Simple Trick
August 28, 2019
Putting goals down on paper has been proven to make them more achievable. Along those same lines, naming a separate account for your next big trip and redirecting money into it before it ever hits your checking account can have you accomplishing small goals faster.
This Is What Optimists Can Teach You About Dealing with Stress
June 23, 2019
If you’re willing to train your brain to start seeing things a little more optimistically, you’re likely to see more success in many areas of your life. Your career, your family and your finances stand to benefit big from a little optimism.
To Save More, Think Like an Optimist
April 23, 2019
Even if thinking positively doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start. If you can start to view negative events or setbacks as opportunities to learn, you’ll have an easier time recommitting to your goals.
Why A Bright Outlook in Life Can Help You Save More Money
April 21, 2019
Pressure to save more can lead many people to feel like all the things they enjoy will have to get cut from the budget. But it doesn’t have to be that severe! Making small changes and maintaining a positive outlook can help you boost your savings in no time.
3 Steps to Experiencing 145 Fewer Days of Financial Stress This Year
April 8, 2019
Read an in-depth interview with optimism researcher and bestselling author Michelle Gielan to discover why optimists enjoy better financial health and less stressful lives overall. Learn to start living your life like an optimist, too.
The Financial Upside of Being an Optimist
March 12, 2019
These days, many Americans believe the chronic stress they feel is inevitable. But adopting a more optimistic mindset is a great antidote to stress—especially financial stress. Optimists report having 145 fewer days of stress than pessimists.
Why Having a Positive Outlook About Your Finances Can Really Pay Off
February 8, 2019
These 11 tips will help you change your mindset from financially frustrated to feeling more sunny about your money. Simple things like having open conversations about your finances are just as impactful as engaging with a financial professional.
Rich People Approach Problems Like This
January 17, 2019
Even though research shows that optimists enjoy better financial well-being than pessimists regardless of income, optimism is also a quality more often found among ultra-high-net-worth individuals. So, start those affirmations now.