How Optimism Impacts Money

1. Measuring Optimism and Financial Health
2. The Optimism-Money Connect
3. The Three Financial Habits of Optimists
4. Optimism in Everyday Life
5. We Only Succeed When Our Customers Succeed
Positive psychology researcher Michelle Gielan and Frost Bank’s Senior Vice President of Research and Strategy Ericka Pullin share research insights that show how your attitude and mindset toward money directly impact your financial health. And the study shows that even those who aren’t as naturally optimistic can learn to adopt the mindset at any time.

Frost Research Reveals Optimism’s Role in Financial Health

What’s the real meaning of financial health?

Financial health has as much to do with mindset and behaviors as it does with your bank account. At Frost, we use the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s definition. It states that financial health means you have control over your finances, have a “rainy day fund,” are working toward financial goals and are able to enjoy life—whatever that means to you.

The Three Financial Habits of Optimists

Anyone can adopt these three simple habits to unlock the power of optimism and improve their financial health.

We’ve all got questions

What kind of optimist are you?

Optimism in the Media

When you choose optimism, people notice. And it inspires the practice in others. We’re proud to share stories of how others are seeing positivity impact their lives in ways big and small.