Frost It Forward

We’re spreading optimism through the magic of generosity. You can help bring some of that magic to life by joining us as we Frost It Forward.

Why Generosity Matters

Generosity is a big concept that we define as going above and beyond to share what you have with someone who needs it. Right now, it might feel especially difficult to work generous acts into our everyday lives. But once you start looking for opportunities to reach out, you’ll start seeing them everywhere. Maybe you could leave some extra hand sanitizer for a delivery person. Or perhaps you’re able to pick up groceries for a neighbor. Even something as small as mailing a child’s painting to a friend or family member can demonstrate generosity of time and attention.
Generosity naturally creates incredible optimism cycles. Those on the receiving end feel empowered and understood. And those who give are rewarded with a flood of positive emotions that make it easy to do it all again.