30-Day Optimism Challenge

Here’s how it works
1. Start a new routine
Check your inbox and take a few minutes to work the day’s challenge into your schedule.
2. Be realistic
If you can’t perform the challenge as it’s written, adjust as needed or think up another small, positive act to do instead.
3. Stick with it
Positivity grows when you nurture it. And that’s what this challenge is all about—to demonstrate how simple acts can have a big impact both on your own life and those around you.
396,360 acts of optimism have been pledged
We’ve already performed hundreds of thousands of positive acts together and that’s added up to a huge difference. Help us keep the good mojo going.
See Optimism in Action
Snap a pic of you completing your favorite #OptForOptimism challenge. Follow along to see how others use these small activities to make a big impact.
Take note of your daily experiences
Writing about your challenges is a good way to get more from your experience. We created this journal to help you stay on track as you climb ever closer to reaching your goals.
The Research On Optimism

Optimism really works. It makes you 7x more likely to be financially healthy, decreases your days of financial stress and increases your chances of meeting your money goals.