How Optimism Impacts Life

At Frost, we believe that when you practice optimism in small ways every day, it can work wonders. That’s why we developed unique programs and events that make it easier to activate positivity in your own life and pass it on.

Becoming More Optimistic Should Top Your To-do List

Optimism is a lot of things. It’s a force to be reckoned with, a spark that turns challenges into opportunities and a catalyst for better physical and emotional health. It’s a way of looking at the world that focuses more on future potential than getting sidelined by daily obstacles. Frost research discovered almost everyone agrees that optimism is something to strive for.
of Americans want to be more optimistic. (But the percentage of those actively practicing optimism is much lower.)

The 30-Day Optimism Challenge

Develop a more optimistic outlook.

At Frost, we believe that optimism is at its best when embodied in everyday activities. That’s why we created 30 daily challenges delivered to your inbox that will help engage your optimism.

Frost It Forward

Perform a random act of generosity.

A little gift can go a long way in turning someone’s day around. We’re offering special Frost It Forward Visa Reward Cards to folks looking to spread some generosity and positivity. Surprise someone and share your story to help us amplify optimism.

Come Out and Get Optimistic

See for yourself how positivity grows when it’s nurtured by a community.

Watch recap videos from past events across Texas and make some time to come out and join us when we’re hosting an event in your area.