What Optimism Means
True optimism is a mindset about determination, resilience and grit.
At Frost, we borrow our definition from psychology—dispositional optimism—meaning optimists feel they have the tools to create a positive outcome for themselves. Their expectations have been verified by their own experiences. Optimists view their habits and behaviors as the why and how behind making good things happen.
Michelle Gielan, Positive Psychology Researcher and Frost Partner
In the field of positive psychology we define optimism as the expectation of good things to happen and the belief that behavior matters, especially in the face of challenges.
Michelle Gielan
Positive Psychology Researcher and Frost Partner
Why does Frost care about optimism?
It’s no secret that money is one of the biggest stressors for Americans. And while there is no shortage of advice for how to manage money, many continue to struggle financially.
Optimism is a force on your finances.
Optimism helps you manage your money, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what we found in our research:
Manage your money with optimism
Better your life with Optimism