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Inspiring Optimism

With the help of our partners, we’re putting positivity to good use. So if you need some inspiration or just want to see what we’re up to, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #OptForOptimism.

Lee Miller on the art and business of cowboy boots

Hugo Ortega’s Recipe for Success

Gulf Coast Humane Society Volunteer Day

Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand on how to succeed as a tattoo artist

Running toward joy with Gilbert Tuhabonye

Frost Back To School Supplies Drive


We’re spreading optimism through the magic of generosity. That includes giving out a special Frost cash card with a note asking the recipient to use the money on a random act of kindness.

Frost Bank paid for my eggs today at the farmer’s market!! They even gifted a $10 gift card to #frostitforward to another person ...

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We partnered with @culturemapto encourage Houstonians to #frostitforward & popped up to randomly spread acts of kindness ...

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I was inspired to “pay it forward” by picking up the vet bill for a fellow dog mom.

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Its all about access// Lately I've been focusing on this idea of receiving and creating access for people ...

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