DIY: Pink Frosted Pumpkins

Have you run out of time or ideas to decorate for this weekend’s Halloween festivities? Fear not! With a bit of paint and a few pumpkins, you’ll be ready to celebrate in just a few minutes time. So put away your carving tools, break out some acrylics, and let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

To create these cute pink frosted donut pumpkins, you’ll only need a few things. Pick up a few mini-sized pumpkins. I got mine from Walmart, but just about any grocer will do. Make sure you have white and pink (or brown if you want chocolate donuts) paint along with a few other colors for the sprinkles.

First Things First: Dough

Pro tip: if your fur gremlin comes to bother you, you’re doing it correctly!
To get prepared for the “icing” step, you’ll want to lighten the pumpkin’s color up (unless you already have a white pumpkin). To do this, make a simple white wash and coat your pumpkins. To make a white wash, just mix one part white paint with two parts water. It should look like milk.

Second and Last: Icing & Sprinkles

Take your pink (or brown) paint and make a ring around the top of your now white pumpkin. Smooth out the edges of the “icing” and then let it dry. To speed this process up, I use a blow dryer!

Next, take a thin brush and use your extra colors to make sprinkles. Before you know it, you’ll have a cute, festive donut pumpkin!

Simple and quick decorations – what could be better? Be sure to post pictures if you try this DIY! Do you have any pumpkin projects that are your favorite? Comment below to share!

How To Actually Finish A To-Do List

Holy cow, how many times have I sat down, wrote out a to-do list longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, then completely forgot about it only to never actually do anything on the to-do list? Probably more times than I can count on both hands if we’re honest here. 

So recently, I’ve been trying to find ways to create productive to-do lists that I can actually finish. After much trial and error, I’ve come down to 5 things that help accomplish this feat. Here is how to actually, seriously finish a to-do list. For real, though. 

Take the time to set due dates

Sure, “someday” is fine every now and then, but give yourself hard due dates for things that need to get done. Knowing you need to finish project x by date y is a great way to remind yourself to complete tasks.

Tell someone close to you

Have someone hold you accountable for your list and check in with you to see how different tasks are coming along. This not only takes some of the pressure off of your shoulders, but it also helps you have a reminder that’s slightly harder to ignore.

Reward yourself as you go

Take a trip, go out to that fancy restaurant, or buy the thing you’ve been saving up for when you finish a task. Big or small, incentives really can help motivate you to get more done. 

Write a draft list, then a final list

Take it back to the days of writing school papers and make a draft then a final. It may take slightly more time, but this can help you to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard or setting unobtainable goals by taking a second look. 

Keep your list organized

This is so important! Having a ‘master list’ of everything you need to do ever may sound like a good idea at the time, but when you actually go back to start checking things off it can be hard to stay focused. Organize your to-do list(s) by categories and eliminate some of that mess-induced stress. 

To-do lists (heck, lists in general) are awesome. They can help you get and stay on a productive track in your life. However, what’s the fun in a list that never gets used? The absolute best part of a to-do list is when you’re able to check that box or mark through that task, signifying that you’ve completed it. Take these tips and starting checking some boxes, friends!

DIY: How To Create Your Own Word Decor

We’ve come a long way since Word Art in Microsoft Word. One of the cutest and most trendy decor pieces you could have right now is a framed phrase or quote styled with great typography. Of course, being a designer, these decor styles are some of my favorites right now.

However, sometimes finding the best quote or finding something at a reasonable price is difficult. One solution is to make the art yourself! Check out these few simple steps (even if you’re not a designer) and you’ll be able to make awesome, affordable pieces in a matter of minutes!

1. Choose your text

Pick a phrase, quote, or use names/initials to be the center of your art. The great part of doing this yourself is that you get to choose the text, so make it something meaningful or something that goes with the overall theme of the room you’re going to display it in!


In my example, I chose “That’s how I roll” with a roll of toilet paper to be a cheeky addition to the main bathroom. (Cheeky. Get it?)

2. Design it

If you’re a designer this should go without saying, but you can use Photoshop, Illustrator, an iPad Pro, or whatever program/device you prefer to type or create your typography. Click here to check out some great free brush font options.

If you’re not a designer, don’t panic! There are tools to help you make your own typography. Use to create your text. Their drag-and-drop interface has pre-styled text options you can use to guide your artwork, and they offer several free fonts you can use including brush/handwritten styles. 

  1. Go to and create an account/sign in. If you’re in a hurry, you can sign up quickly by going through Facebook.
  2. Create a new document with custom sizes. Change the format from pixels to inches to fit the frame you’ll be using.
  3. Use the panel to the left side to drag and drop photos, text, and graphics onto your design. You can also choose a background color/pattern by clicking the ‘background’ tab.
  4. Enter your quote or phrase and style the design how you’d like it.
  5. In the top, right corner click to save your design. A .png file is preferable.


3. Print It

The key to printing your text is going to be your frame’s dimensions. Most frames have the width and height printed on the sample photo for easy finding. You want to print your art to fit that size, so you’ll need to use a program that prints true to inch size. Use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides to achieve this. These programs will let you paste your image and use the settings to make sure it’s scaled (and will print) to the correct width and height. 

  1. Open a new presentation on and delete any existing fields (such as ‘header’, ‘subtitle’, etc)
  2. In the top, left click file > page settings, then enter the exact height and width your art needs to be to fit your frame
  3. Drag and drop, or go to insert > image, to insert your design file
  4. Move the image to the center of the document
  5. Click file > print and make sure to uncheck any box that says ‘fill’ or ‘stretch to fit’ so that the design prints in the actual size it’s needed


4. Frame & Place

Surprisingly, frames can get super expensive! I’ve found that finding a good frame for typography art comes down to finding a good dollar store such as Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Both have cheap frames that are simple and actually hold up super well. Make sure to place your framed design somewhere it fits. A place where it will be seen and easy to read is best.

  • 039
  • 038

In my example, I’ve used a frame from Dollar Tree and placed it on the bathroom sink.

Making your own creative quote/saying art can be as simple as four steps! Do you have a different way for creating cute decor pieces like this? Share your tips in the comments!

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