We’re surrounded by it – whether we choose to be or not. And let’s face it: we could all use a little more positivity.

Opt For Optimism is a blog for anyone who could use a positive spin on the things they enjoy most in life. Above all, Opt For Optimism is a goal and a lifestyle. If youre striving to choose optimism over pessimism in your life, this blog is for you.

I’m Amber and this is Opt For Optimism! I write about life in general, travel, make-up, fashion, DIY projects, creativity, graphic design, and more. Every week, a new post comes out on Wednesday and Saturday. The weekly newsletter is sent on Friday afternoon and contains new posts and encouraging thoughts for the weekend ahead.

Ironically, some of my closest friends may not describe me as the most optimistic person they know. At all… Which is exactly why I started this blog. I’m on a mission in my life to stop complaining, speaking negatively, and over-reacting. In my own life, I’m learning to opt for optimism every day little by little. I’m a 21 year old graphic designer with a passion for craftiness, a constant hunger for mac and cheese, and a love for Jesus.

Whether you’re a reader or you’re just stopping by, I absolutely appreciate you checking this blog out. Stay positive, Opters!