DIY: Pink Frosted Pumpkins

Have you run out of time or ideas to decorate for this weekend’s Halloween festivities? Fear not! With a bit of paint and a few pumpkins, you’ll be ready to celebrate in just a few minutes time. So put away your carving tools, break out some acrylics, and let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

To create these cute pink frosted donut pumpkins, you’ll only need a few things. Pick up a few mini-sized pumpkins. I got mine from Walmart, but just about any grocer will do. Make sure you have white and pink (or brown if you want chocolate donuts) paint along with a few other colors for the sprinkles.

First Things First: Dough

Pro tip: if your fur gremlin comes to bother you, you’re doing it correctly!
To get prepared for the “icing” step, you’ll want to lighten the pumpkin’s color up (unless you already have a white pumpkin). To do this, make a simple white wash and coat your pumpkins. To make a white wash, just mix one part white paint with two parts water. It should look like milk.

Second and Last: Icing & Sprinkles

Take your pink (or brown) paint and make a ring around the top of your now white pumpkin. Smooth out the edges of the “icing” and then let it dry. To speed this process up, I use a blow dryer!

Next, take a thin brush and use your extra colors to make sprinkles. Before you know it, you’ll have a cute, festive donut pumpkin!

Simple and quick decorations – what could be better? Be sure to post pictures if you try this DIY! Do you have any pumpkin projects that are your favorite? Comment below to share!

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