DIY: How To Create Your Own Word Decor

We’ve come a long way since Word Art in Microsoft Word. One of the cutest and most trendy decor pieces you could have right now is a framed phrase or quote styled with great typography. Of course, being a designer, these decor styles are some of my favorites right now.

However, sometimes finding the best quote or finding something at a reasonable price is difficult. One solution is to make the art yourself! Check out these few simple steps (even if you’re not a designer) and you’ll be able to make awesome, affordable pieces in a matter of minutes!

1. Choose your text

Pick a phrase, quote, or use names/initials to be the center of your art. The great part of doing this yourself is that you get to choose the text, so make it something meaningful or something that goes with the overall theme of the room you’re going to display it in!


In my example, I chose “That’s how I roll” with a roll of toilet paper to be a cheeky addition to the main bathroom. (Cheeky. Get it?)

2. Design it

If you’re a designer this should go without saying, but you can use Photoshop, Illustrator, an iPad Pro, or whatever program/device you prefer to type or create your typography. Click here to check out some great free brush font options.

If you’re not a designer, don’t panic! There are tools to help you make your own typography. Use to create your text. Their drag-and-drop interface has pre-styled text options you can use to guide your artwork, and they offer several free fonts you can use including brush/handwritten styles. 

  1. Go to and create an account/sign in. If you’re in a hurry, you can sign up quickly by going through Facebook.
  2. Create a new document with custom sizes. Change the format from pixels to inches to fit the frame you’ll be using.
  3. Use the panel to the left side to drag and drop photos, text, and graphics onto your design. You can also choose a background color/pattern by clicking the ‘background’ tab.
  4. Enter your quote or phrase and style the design how you’d like it.
  5. In the top, right corner click to save your design. A .png file is preferable.


3. Print It

The key to printing your text is going to be your frame’s dimensions. Most frames have the width and height printed on the sample photo for easy finding. You want to print your art to fit that size, so you’ll need to use a program that prints true to inch size. Use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides to achieve this. These programs will let you paste your image and use the settings to make sure it’s scaled (and will print) to the correct width and height. 

  1. Open a new presentation on and delete any existing fields (such as ‘header’, ‘subtitle’, etc)
  2. In the top, left click file > page settings, then enter the exact height and width your art needs to be to fit your frame
  3. Drag and drop, or go to insert > image, to insert your design file
  4. Move the image to the center of the document
  5. Click file > print and make sure to uncheck any box that says ‘fill’ or ‘stretch to fit’ so that the design prints in the actual size it’s needed


4. Frame & Place

Surprisingly, frames can get super expensive! I’ve found that finding a good frame for typography art comes down to finding a good dollar store such as Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Both have cheap frames that are simple and actually hold up super well. Make sure to place your framed design somewhere it fits. A place where it will be seen and easy to read is best.

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In my example, I’ve used a frame from Dollar Tree and placed it on the bathroom sink.

Making your own creative quote/saying art can be as simple as four steps! Do you have a different way for creating cute decor pieces like this? Share your tips in the comments!

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