Complete Fall Outfit For Under $35

Fall is upon us! My absolute favorite season has begun and with it comes seasonal shopping. It’s the time of the year to use your thrifty skills to find great fall pieces like sweaters and scarves. 



Price: $3.75

First things first – it’s sweater weather. Finally. I came across this soft, cozy knit at Goodwill. The price and fit were great, but my favorite part was finding this warm tan color. From this first neutral color piece came my outfit’s color scheme. 

Goodwill can be hit-and-miss when it comes to finding something that pulls an outfit together, however I completely suggest it. Not only is it fun to hunt for the perfect look, but if you visit multiple stores your chances of finding what you want increases. And, of course, the price can’t hardly be beat.


Price: $15

Jeans are extremely tricky to find on a budget. Finding a pair that isn’t paper-thin or a strange color can be difficult, but it is doable! I found this pair at Walmart for a good price. Walmart’s clothing section may not be something you think of when you think fashion, but as far as the basics go (tees, jeans, etc), they have a good selection. These jeans are actually some of the most comfortable that I own. 


Price: $5

I chose to find some simple flats to compliment the addition of my accessories rather than the perhaps more seasonal choice of boots. Unfortunately, keeping a $30 budget and buying boots just don’t mix. Fortunately, the flats were a perfect fit for the outfit. The gray matching the gray in my scarf, I grabbed these shoes for $5 at Five Below. Though these are wonderful for throwing a quick outfit together and wearing occasionally, these are not made to withstand normal wear-and-tear. So, be careful when buying cheap shoes, but don’t be afraid to go cheap for a pair you won’t be wearing every day.


Price: $3

The fall look is all about the browns and this brown handbag practically jumped into my cart at Goodwill. Another cute Goodwill find, this purse was in great condition and complimented my other neutral colors well. 


Price: $5

I found this scarf, along with the shoes, at Five Below. It’s a fairly chunky scarf so it added a lot of texture against the simple choice of sweater. For me, scarves and sweaters are the perfect Autumn combination. Both add warmth (so they’re functional) and both compliment each other well (so they’re fashionable). The great thing about this neutral gray scarf is that it can be paired with tons of other outfits as well. 

Natural colors, warm pieces, simple flats, and a reasonable budget came together to make this outfit perfect for fall!

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