6 Creative Ways To Find Inspiration

Being a creative person doesn’t always mean you feel creative. In fact, if you’re anything like me, sometimes you might feel unmotivated entirely. 

So how do we deal with a lack of inspiration when we’re in a lull or up against a deadline? We look to different places, activities, and people! Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a photographer, a musician, or any other inspiration-fueled creator, here are a few unique ways to find new motivation!

Listen to an instrumental playlist

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not super wild about instrumentals, so I definitely understand if this isn’t your jam. However, I find that listening to instrumental versions of songs I know helps me to have steady background music while also focusing on things that I’d like to make. Check out this playlist of popular songs on Spotify to try it out! Acoustic versions of songs can also help.

Go kayaking or ride on a boat

For some reason, water (specifically being on it) can be extremely inspirational. You never know what you might find just below the surface and the outdoor scenery certainly doesn’t hurt the experience. 

Flip through old photo albums

Or scroll through your phone’s camera roll, whatever the kids do these days. Diving into memories and seeing friends and family in pictures can be a great tool to remind you of motivational things. Photos help invoke emotion which you can use for the reason behind your next song, painting, poem, etc. 

Spend some time with a thesaurus

Go to the library and find the biggest thesaurus you can locate or checkout and look up at least 5 words. Write down some of the synonyms and antonyms for your word list. Even for non-writer creatives, finding alternative vocabulary can help to give you interesting ideas for your next project.

Make a change to your routine

That sounds a bit scary at first, I know. However, changing one small part of your normal routine could help get you outside of your comfort zone just enough to really inspire you. Try something small like waking up 10 minutes earlier or driving a different route to work.

Remake something you’ve made before

Add a new element to an old drawing, design an alternate style for a logo you made, make a new bracelet using beads from a necklace you created – remix some of your older work in anyway you’d like. Not only will this be a new project you can start on immediately, but it could also help motivate you for the next!

A healthy mix of trying new things and revisiting old things can help spark your creativity. Do you have anything unique you do when your inspiration has run out? Share your own tips in the comments below!

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